Beautiful Hardwood Floors for Homes in Inverness, Illinois

Beautiful Hardwood Floors for Homes in Inverness, Illinois

Looking for a complete revamp on interior design? Start with the new installation of beautiful, handcrafted hardwood flooring. Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. is the premier provider of hardwood flooring installation for homes in Inverness, Illinois. For those looking for top-quality, look no further. Select from a wide range of wood species that will work to give you the look and durability you desire. There are countless options for you to consider that will work together with your unique space to offer a one-of-a-kind look and feel you won’t find in every other home.

Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring is a family-owned and operated hardwood flooring installation company that promises to provide every home greater style and elegance with high-quality, custom hardwood floors built to last from generation to generation.

Our skilled artisans work with you to go over all of your options, carefully and thoroughly, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your investment. Today, there are virtually a limitless number of options when it comes to wood type, color, pattern, finish and custom designs and inlays. For example, herringbone has long been considered a dated look. However, with the application of texture and modern color selection, herringbone can now produce a fresh and contemporary look to a once classic hardwood flooring style.

Your home is your sanctuary – an extension of your personality and style. The right flooring is so important to perfecting a particular design. Distinctive style with tailor-made trim and finishes is what Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. specializes in. Our expert craftsmen can help you achieve your goals by going over choices available to you, that you might not have previously considered for your hardwood floors.

A Trustworthy and Honest Hardwood Flooring Company

Custom Herringbone Hardwood Floors Illinois

Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. fosters values based on hard work and custom craftsmanship, integrity and being good natured, helpful and accountable. It’s important to be able to rely on your hardwood flooring company to stand behind their work and to provide the service they advertise.

Benefits to working with Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. include:

  • Free onsite consultation
  • Guaranteed excellence
  • Helpful and dependable from beginning to end
  • Local hardwood flooring service to homes in Inverness
  • Unmatched attention to detail
  • Refined skill and expert knowledge about woodworking
  • Top-quality work

Get in touch with us today to for a free onsite consultation for your hardwood flooring refinishing, repair or installation.

Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation

Textured hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Textured hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. pays careful attention to every detail from the first initial consultation to the unveiling of your new hardwood floors. Gehrke’s standard of excellence is guaranteed, because to us woodworking is a calling, it’s more than a job or a career. There is an art and a science to craftsmanship. When hiring a company for your hardwood floors, be sure to hire a company that regards craftsmanship as the higher calling that it truly is.

Quality Hardwood Flooring

You have a number of different options at your fingertips when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. Many people find showcasing natural elements such as hardwood flooring has the potential to increases both their home value and personal style. View our Woods page to see available options. Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. can accommodate this for you and more with the services we provide:

  • New hardwood flooring installation
  • Repairs to existing hardwood floors
  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • Custom designs – a modern twist on herringbone or other patterns
  • Waxing and buffing hardwood floors

Transforming Your Home to Your Sanctuary

Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring Inc. makes it a point to source only the finest quality timber for your hardwood floors. The use of commercial-grade stains and varnishes helps your floors to last for decades with the proper care and treatment. Making the decision to move forward with hardwood flooring installation in your home or refinishing your existing hardwood flooring can immediately transform your home into an exquisite living space. Be sure to also check out our Services page for more details on what we can help you with.
Get in Touch with Us Today

Give us a call at 847-744-2552 to get started. View our Wood page to see options available to you. And our gallery page to see recent projects for our customers.

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